Saturday, 15 September 2012

Display suddenly goes to sleep or graphics card fan not working

                  Hi folks, it seems that you too are suffering from the same problem from which i suffered since last three weeks. I discovered this problem when once i was playing a game on my pc. After about 20 mins, the monitor suddenly turned off and gone to sleep. I pressed each and every button on my keyboard but it was 'dead'. The sound continued to play. The only thing worked is to restart the pc manually. I tried to change power settings to 'never', but the monitor still slept again and again. This continued to happen every time i started playing a game  or played an HD video, or anything which consumed graphics memory. Then while searching for the solution, someware i saw about high temprature.

                  I downloaded a program named "MSI Afterburner". This program shows the temperature of your gpu, gpu usage, fan speed, etc. I found that just after starting the pc the temp. went upto 60-70 degrees without running any program except MSI afterburner. And when i ran a game it reached to 90-100 degrees or even 110 degree within 5 mins. The reason my pc was going to sleep was the temperature itself.
Normally the temp. should be between 40-50 deg. with no programs running and around 60-70 deg while running game (full gpu usage). The computer is set to go to sleep mode if any of the component ie. gpu or cpu overheats.


                     I opened up the cabinate and found that the fan was'nt running. I detached the fan out and cleaned the dust, oilled the shaft of the fan but it did'nt work. Then i checked the voltage into gpu fan wire outlet (shown in above picture), it was around 11.2 volts. The fan's capacity was 12v 0.25 amps.

In this picture you can see that i have connected the +ve (green) and -ve (black) terminals into the fan +ve (red) and -ve (black) terminals.

                   The solution i found was that, i took the graphics card fan connection out and gave it an alternate connection (12v) directly from the SMPS. The detailed connections are shown in the following video.

Note :-
           You will not be able to control the fan speed, ie. it will run at full speed all the time.